Monthly Archives: September 2008

butterfly #8

The eighth butterfly emerged this morning. Another female. That makes six females and 2 males, so far. She didn’t seem to mind at all when I stuck my camera in her face. Beautiful. ~~Rhonda

did i tell you we’re painting our bedroom?

DH started the project the other night. We’re going from pinky-rosey-mauvey to brown. This is just the first coat. I don’t like white ceilings. I am really liking this dark brown one! But the painting is all we’re doing in there…except for new curtains… ~~Rhonda 🙂

menu plan monday ~ september 29, 2008

Have you gotten around to making your own weekly menu yet? If not, you should do it now! 🙂 You’ll be glad you did. It saves time, money, and effort, not to mention frustration at the end of a long day when you don’t know how to answer “what’s for supper??” We’re having leftover pork […]

the girls are home :)

Our two older daughters are home for the weekend. A short visit, to be sure, but a good one. When DH made pancakes for breakfast, DD requested a butterfly. Not bad, hmm? 🙂 The girls leave tomorrow morning for home. We’re glad to have a visit, even though it wasn’t long enough. ~~Rhonda

the garden in autumn

The air has taken on that “autumn feel.” Sort of golden, and a little dusty and sweet somehow. Lots of pretty things yet to see when we walk the yard. The hydrangeas were beautiful this year. Most are fading to a soft rosy pink and a pretty green color. I want to pick some for […]

apple cake

This morning I was perusing my google reader feed and came across a recipe for apple bread on Kitchen Parade. I had the ingredients necessary so decided to try the recipe. The recipe called for Granny Smith apples. I didn’t have those on hand, but did have Galas, so I used them instead. I mixed […]

bye bye, butterfly

The first butterfly emerged two days ago. Another one yesterday. And another one this morning! We waited until DH came home after work to release the first one. He had to carefully take the screen off the top of the tank as two caterpillars have decided to attach to it to pupate. Silly bugs. The […]

autumn picture gallery

Cathy, this one’s for you. Savor autumn. ~~Rhonda 🙂 A walk through the little woods behind our house… Goldenrod. Elderberry bush sans elderberries…isn’t the pinky red a beautiful color? The sassafras are beautiful every year. I love to take pictures at the end of the day. The soft light is so pretty on everything. The […]

first butterfly!

We now have eleven chrysalises in our butterfly tank and the first butterfly emerged today. I’m posting this photo in a large size so you can see the amazing beauty and detail of the wing scales. Isn’t God’s gift of creation amazing? Buttercup is fascinated! We put some butterfly bush blossoms and a couple of […]

it’s bethany…calling from the philippines :)

Sunday evening, the mission team that went to West Virginia this summer gave their report to the church. Bethany, who was on the team and is now in the Philippines, joined us via Skype which John set up. DH especially liked John’s high tech bucket. 🙂 After the report, while we had snacks, everyone got […]