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am i willing?

To open our school day, we have a Bible reading schedule we follow, a devotion at least once a week, and the Westminster Shorter Catechism to memorize. Via email each week, our pastor’s wife sends a copy of the next Sunday’s worship bulletin to those who have asked to receive it. Sometimes I peruse the […]

“hearts on fire” scavenger hunt

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galations 6:2 was the theme for the evening and there was a great turnout for the “Hearts on Fire” scavenger hunt. Everyone met at church, received t-shirts, were assigned their teams, and away they went to solve clues to figure out where they were […]

apple butter day!

Each year, our church makes apple butter as a missions fund project. This year, we made four kettles. I’m not sure what the final count was, but somewhere around 250 quarts and 120 pints. Laurie checks to see if it’s ready. Shawn had some studying to do. The kids climbed the old stump. More checking… […]

house tour

It was quite a whirlwind getting ready for our annual open house last weekend, then the public house tour this weekend. My sister Genny was a tremendous help, coming six weekends in a row to lend a helping hand. Thank you, Genny! Thanks goes, too, to all our church family members who helped in so […]

it’s bethany…calling from the philippines :)

Sunday evening, the mission team that went to West Virginia this summer gave their report to the church. Bethany, who was on the team and is now in the Philippines, joined us via Skype which John set up. DH especially liked John’s high tech bucket. 🙂 After the report, while we had snacks, everyone got […]

butterfly babies

It seems every time we pick more parsley for the caterpillars, we also bring in a caterpillar or two. Or three. We’re up to 15 or 16. So some of the cats in the fish tank are very small and some are getting very large! I think we have every instar represented in the tank. […]

going away party

Our church is blessed to have many members who are seriously interested in missions and missionary work. One of our young ladies is preparing to go to the Philippines to attend the Newlife International School of Midwifery. On Sunday, we hosted a church dinner at our home to show our love and support of her […]

mission team

DH got up early Saturday morning to see the mission team off at 5:00. This is the third team our church has sent this year. In January, we went to New Orleans, Louisiana, and had the privilege of drywalling Gloria’s home. Earlier this month, a team went to Atlanta, Georgia, to aid in community assistance, […]

father’s day

The day started with gifts for Dad. DD gave him three daylilies, an artemisia, a shovel, garden gloves, and his favorite candy…York mints. Then I made a bouquet for church. The hydrangeas are just coming on, so I used them. The young people hosted breakfast for dads…pancakes, sausage, tater tots, peaches…delish! Have you hugged a […]


DH and DD spent this past week at church camp. DH is the director, a fact that DD loves. So great to have Dad there when a girl gets tired or homesick or just needs a hug. There were 94 campers and 20 some staff members. It is best for all of them to buy the […]