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glorious sunshine

After almost two weeks of rain and clouds, the sun has finally made an appearance. Leaves blanket everything. The big oak behind the house is beautiful. This ginkgo tree was a Mother’s Day gift 10 or 12 years ago. In the woods, the elm leaves are bright yellow with spots of chocolate brown. The red […]

corn maze

While we were out east visiting our family, we took everyone to a corn maze one afternoon. It was a beautiful autumn day. Sunny, but coolish. The twins had a ball, running around, picking up walnuts, looking at pumpkins, and riding the toy tractor. Checking out the maze map. Heading into the maze. Walking a […]

apple pickin’

Last Saturday (seems like weeks ago) we went to the orchard with our son and his wife. It felt great to leave town for a while, getting away from the remodeling work. It waited for us, no problem… She’s twittering. 🙂 The trees were loaded… …and the apples were beautiful… …not to mention delicious. The […]

autumn colors

I took a little stroll around the yard yesterday, in the late afternoon. I’d been painting chairs and needed to get outside and away from renovating for a while. I hate missing the perfect weather we’ve been having, so out I went. Here are a few pictures from the yard. Can dogwood leaves look any […]

the garden in autumn

The air has taken on that “autumn feel.” Sort of golden, and a little dusty and sweet somehow. Lots of pretty things yet to see when we walk the yard. The hydrangeas were beautiful this year. Most are fading to a soft rosy pink and a pretty green color. I want to pick some for […]

autumn picture gallery

Cathy, this one’s for you. Savor autumn. ~~Rhonda 🙂 A walk through the little woods behind our house… Goldenrod. Elderberry bush sans elderberries…isn’t the pinky red a beautiful color? The sassafras are beautiful every year. I love to take pictures at the end of the day. The soft light is so pretty on everything. The […]

autumn evening

A few pictures from our garden this evening…

looks more like fall all the time

While I mowed the yard today, I was struck by how “fall” everything felt. The low temps, the smell in the air, the crisping leaves, the autumn flowers… Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ The cabbage white butterflies were hard to get a picture of. They can’t sit still for long. The Buckeye butterflies seem to prefer the […]