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a new garden

Our previous home had a large yard, with almost four acres to play with. We let a one-acre wooded area grow up in the back. Over the course of 25 years, we planted a lot of trees, shrubs and flowers in the rest of the yard. A favorite activity was “walking the yard” to see […]

spring garden

The garden is so pretty in the spring. Breezy days at just the right temperatures. Showers to keep everything watered and lushly growing. I do love spring. Here are a few pictures taken during the past week or two. There’s a lot of purple going on. Geranium ‘Johnson’s Blue’ We have two of these. I […]

tuesday blooms

The weather was beautiful yesterday and I was able to get out for some picture taking opportunities. Tete-a-Tete daffodils are sprinkled all over the yard. These are near the back door. In the east yard, the Star Magnolia is beginning to bloom. Looks like a snowstorm doesn’t it? Close-up, the blossoms are ivory colored. When […]

from the back steps

Yesterday afternoon, when the sun came out, I sat on the back steps and enjoyed the sunshine. From there…lots of daffodil shoots to enjoy. The mini daffs ‘Tete-a-Tete’ opened yesterday. The oak tree is getting a faint fuzzy haze as the buds swell. A light breeze ruffled the water in the birdbath. And the cats […]

one spring day

Wednesday was a fine spring day. Temperature in the low to mid 70s, sunny, breezy. Twenty degrees above normal for this time of year, but who’s counting?? It was a beautiful day. On days like that, I look at the sky and wonder…how can it possibly be that blue? We spent some time outside, of […]

first blossoms of spring

The daffodils have buds, and the crocus are opening. Spring is official. What you don’t see is a picture of me smiling, but rest assured…I am! Visit other gardens and their gardeners at Tootsie Time’s Fertilizer Friday. ~~Rhonda 🙂

slowly but surely

I’m waiting for spring. How about you? It’s coming, but not soon enough for me. The maple trees have been budding for several weeks. Today we had a high of 55* or so. I left the house for the first time in two weeks and took a few pictures around the yard. It looks rather […]

the promise of spring

This morning, on the way to church, I saw this by the kitchen steps… December sprouts. Lovely green on green daffodil sprouts… During the shortest days of the year, a promise that spring is coming… I love spring. Even during Christmas, which I also love, I am happy to see a promise that spring will […]

glorious sunshine

After almost two weeks of rain and clouds, the sun has finally made an appearance. Leaves blanket everything. The big oak behind the house is beautiful. This ginkgo tree was a Mother’s Day gift 10 or 12 years ago. In the woods, the elm leaves are bright yellow with spots of chocolate brown. The red […]

garden update

After two months of cooler than normal temps, we’re back to hot and humid weather. And when it gets hot and humid, I tend to stay indoors, except to mow the lawn when it needs it. But today, I ventured out to take some pictures, since it has been so long since I’ve done that. […]