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guess who’s here!

Twin One and Twin Two! A sweet duet. Playing with Zak. Smile for the camera! Enjoying Great-great-great-grandma Prest’s rocking chair. I’ll have more pictures of the rest of the family later. 🙂 ~~Grandma

visit with family

We traveled east to be with our second daughter for her senior photography show. She graduates in May! Anyone have a job for a fledgling photographer? We celebrated a birthday with DD#1. And we got to visit with the grands! Swim time with Grandpa. Aunt and niece had a good time together. Took lots of […]

birthday girl

Twelve years and a day. Our son and daughter-in-law came to help celebrate. We played Apples to Apples and a few rounds of Scattergories while we waited for supper to be done. DD asked for Cheesy Potato Sausage soup for her birthday meal. I also made bread and some pepperoni and cheese rolls for DS […]

happy birthday, grandpa!

Gary and Laurie gave DH a balloon bouquet for his birthday. Or were they really for the twins?? I wish you could have seen the twins’ faces when he walked in with them! Much laughing and squealing with delight! After they had them for a few minutes, they found out they could run with the […]

the grands

I’m posting these pictures just because. 🙂 I love ’em all. Can’t wait to see them again. Did I tell you they’re coming here for Christmas?? 😀 ~~Grandma

corn maze

While we were out east visiting our family, we took everyone to a corn maze one afternoon. It was a beautiful autumn day. Sunny, but coolish. The twins had a ball, running around, picking up walnuts, looking at pumpkins, and riding the toy tractor. Checking out the maze map. Heading into the maze. Walking a […]

play day

We started the day with a big breakfast at IHOP. And a game or two of peek-a-boo! Then we were off to the park for some play time. It’s a beautiful day. Sunny blue skies, a slight breeze, about 60*, though it doesn’t feel cold. It was tons of fun to watch the kidlets running […]


Our youngest daughter is having an overnight with her older sisters. Movies, computer games, junk food, soda…should be lots of fun! And fudge. DH made some for them. Did you notice the lamp? DD found it at the Salvation Army store for $4. 🙂 We also found a nice recliner for their living room. They […]

seven generations

I don’t know if there is a five generation picture of my great-great-grandmother, my great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and me in the same photograph or not. I don’t recall ever seeing one. There may be. I was four years old when my great-great-grandmother Jane passed away. But here are five generations on my mother’s side, via […]

family photographs

I’ve been uploading family photographs that my mother gave me. Lots of fun to look at. And it’s a good project to have underway. Here are some of my favorites, so far. Dad’s and Mom’s high school graduation pictures. My parents nine months before they were married. I think they were on their way to […]