DH and me

Living in a small town, I share my life with my husband Russell (married in 1977), five children (one still at home), three grandchildren, and five cats (one indoors, the others outside).

My husband and I share a love of gardening and much of our free time in the spring/summer season is spent outside “playing in the dirt.” We enjoy caring for three and a half acres, with many flower beds, lots of perennials, and about an acre’s worth of a little woods in the very back. We collect daylilies and have more than 350 varieties in our gardens.

During the fall/winter season, we concentrate on Christmas. I teach an online class called “The Christmas Notebook” which is about all things holiday prep. The many facets of celebrating Christmas comprise one of my favorite hobbies. Other favorite things include reading, cooking, photography and scrapbooking.

Contact me at: reacoulter (at)