Monthly Archives: August 2008

baby caterpillars

We found butterfly eggs on the parsley in the garden and brought in a few sprigs of parsley to hatch the eggs. Today we have six little caterpillars on the parsley. In a few days I’ll post the set up of the fish tank we use for raising caterpillars. ~~Rhonda


DD#2’s cat, Zilli, is a very relaxed kitty. She slept like that for about 20 minutes, but we disturbed her slumber with all the funny pics we were taking of her. 🙂 ~~Rhonda

potting proliferations

Little plants, called proliferations, sometimes grow from the daylily flower stem. When the stem starts to turn brown, we cut them off and pot them. Here’s a closeup of one. A week ago last Wednesday, DH potted 27 daylily proliferations. ‘Little Fat Dazzler’ had 17. It was loaded with them last year, too. The other […]

chocolate-chip banana muffins

DD has half an hour of piano practice and half an hour of guitar practice five days a week. She doesn’t practice on the day of lessons and she gets to pick one other day of the week as a “no music practice” day. She chose today this week, so I asked if she would […]

crockpot chicken cordon bleu

I made Crockpot Chicken Cordon Bleu several weeks ago and DH and DD both loved it. Easy to make and delicious. We had it again yesterday. The cast of characters: crockpot (sprayed with cooking spray) 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (flattened) ham slices Swiss cheese slices toothpicks (optional) 1 can cream of chicken or cream […]

making focaccia

Yesterday DD and I tried our hand at making focaccia, an Italian flat bread. I used this recipe, which was good, but am going to try a different one next time (using milk instead of water), in an effort to find one we LOVE. I added 1/2 tsp. salt and about a tablespoon of olive […]

menu plan monday ~ august 25, 2008

We’re home after a short trip north. Saturday afternoon DH took DD to a water park while I enjoyed several hours in a book store. Sunday we worshiped with my sister at her church, then spent the afternoon at her house. DD had a good time with her first cousin once removed, Tshepo. He and […]

a few garden pics

Yesterday, DH and I worked in the garden a bit. We pulled grass and weeds from the lettuce beds and prepared them for a fall crop. I took a few pictures around the yard. The garlic chives are beginning to bloom. The flower stalks are pretty in a large group, making a striking picture. I […]

the garden in august

Seems that fall is trying to inch its way in. The garden has that look…kind of tired. Parts are overrun with weeds, parts have plants that are just beginning their trip into dormancy with leaves starting to turn yellow. The dogwood tree has a few red leaves on it, and the elm trees along the […]

menu plan monday / august 18, 2008

Before making the menu this morning, I asked DH and DD what they would like to eat this week. Mashed potatoes (DD), tilapia (DH), salmon (DH and DD), and fried chicken (DD), in that order. I don’t do fried chicken very often anymore, so will make oven “fried” chicken instead. Monday leftovers salad corn on […]