Monthly Archives: September 2008

menu plan monday ~ september 22, 2008

How can it possibly be this late in the year already? Summer flew by. Autumn is here. I wish sleeping was unnecessary. I could use the extra time! Laura’s theme for OrganizingJunkie’s menu plan monday is “Family Favorites” this week, so I have included a few of ours in this week’s menu. You will find […]

caterpillar club

We’re raising caterpillars we found on the parsley in the garden. We did the same two years ago. It’s fascinating to watch them grow and change, molting as they get larger. We use a large fish tank to house them, and a piece of window screen with an elastic band to top the tank. To […]

gotta new fridge

We’ve had a lot of trouble with the old refrigerator. It finally died on Wednesday, and we ordered a new one. DH picked it up today. I didn’t even clean up the mess before taking a picture. ~~Rhonda 🙂

autumn evening

A few pictures from our garden this evening…

our grandbabies and their daddy

The only problem with our grands is that they live too far away. Cute, aren’t they?? ~~Rhonda 🙂

this and that

Today was mostly taken up with stripping wall paper in the hall and the laundry room. I did about 15 minutes of mowing, just to get outside for a few minutes right before supper. The weather was beautiful. We have eight chrysalises so far. Three of them are brown. The rest are green. DD made […]

you turn your back for ten minutes…

I watched this little guy for forty minutes early Friday morning, waiting for him to molt from a caterpillar into a chrysalis. I had my camera on the tripod, ready to take a video of the quick transformation. I waited and waited and waited… Then I turned my back for ten minutes, while I checked […]

menu plan monday ~ september 15, 2008

This is as high as I could reach… The guest room will be done soon. Then it’s on to the hall, the laundry room and the bath. It’s going to be a full week of stripping wallpaper in the addition, so easy meals are on the menu. Monday sloppy joes / 40 minute hamburger buns […]

tired but happy

A young lady from church is helping me this fall with cleaning out all the drawers, cupboards, and cabinets (maybe even the attic) and, after we cleaned out the coat closet yesterday, I realized the interior had not been painted when we redid the hall a few years ago. It was still the pale yellow […]

poppy seed muffins

DD and I made poppy seed muffins this afternoon. Delicious! We had some warm from the oven, shared some with friends, and I’m thinkin’ the rest will go quickly. Mix the following ingredients until well blended. * 3 eggs * 2 1/2 cups white sugar [I used 1 3/4 c. sugar] * 1 1/8 cups […]