menu plan monday ~ september 22, 2008

How can it possibly be this late in the year already? Summer flew by. Autumn is here. I wish sleeping was unnecessary. I could use the extra time!

Laura’s theme for OrganizingJunkie’s menu plan monday is “Family Favorites” this week, so I have included a few of ours in this week’s menu. You will find other menu ideas and lots of family favorites on Laura’s site, if you care to pop over there to peruse them.

Monday *Family Favorite*
baby back ribs in the oven
baked yukon gold potatoes (microwave)
coleslaw with peanuts and craisins
corn on the cob

We all love ribs, and I made them myself for the first time this summer. So easy and so delicious. I placed them on a foil lined cookie sheet and baked them in a 250* oven for four hours. After two hours (turned them once), I slathered them with BBQ sauce and continued baking, turning them a time or two. I loosely covered them with foil after putting the sauce on.

When they were done, I removed the foil and put them under the broiler for a few minutes to char the BBQ sauce a little. So good!

crockpot chicken with homemade noodles *Family Favorite*
spinach salad with strawberries

I plan to cook the chicken in the crock pot, but make the noodles on the stove top. I’ll add them, a teaspoon of celery seed, some ground pepper, and a can or two of cream of chicken soup to the crock pot when the chicken has cooked and is shredded. Some light sour cream stirred into the chicken and noodles just before serving makes them even better.

Wednesday *Family Favorite*
salmon with dijon mustard
steamed red potatoes
steamed broccoli

hamburgers / 40 min. buns
chips / veggies / dip

These hamburger buns are so easy to make. I’ll make four buns for supper and make the rest as rolls for snacking. DD loves them any time.

Friday Trying a new recipe…
taco stuffed pasta shells
green salad


Sunday *Family Favorite*
crockpot pork chops with stuffing
Brussels sprouts
spinach salad

I leave the onion out of the pork chop recipe (DH is allergic to onions) and substitute about a Tablespoon of dry onion soup mix.

If you don’t plan a weekly menu, I encourage you to do so. Meals become much easier to prepare when you have a plan. And easier to prepare means you and your family will enjoy a more relaxed meal time atmosphere. That is always good!

~~Rhonda 🙂

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