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my life right now…

Currently, my life is on hold. I have a terrible cold. I know I’m not the only one. It is making the rounds. Headache, painful cough, sore throat, low grade fever, you name it, I’ve got it. I have spent three days in the recliner trying not to move or talk too much. Both make […]

the new garden cart

While the twins were here yesterday, they helped Pa put together the garden cart he received at Christmas. It was quite a project! Rose Red (looking at the instruction manual): “Which of these is English and which is Spanish?” Pa: “Where do these holes go?” Snow White: “PA! Look at the instruction manual!!” Snow White: […]

history trip

Pa took Snow White, Rose Red and Middle Daughter to visit replicas of Christopher Columbus’ ships, the NiƱa and the Pinta. The night before, Rose Red admitted to Pa that she was a little nervous about going to see the ships. When he asked why, she said, “There might be sailors there!” Not sure why […]

life with grands

The twins came to see us a week ago. Their older sister stayed home to have some one on one time with Mom. Our daughter-in-law brought the girls over Friday evening. We shared a pot of coffee before she left and caught up on what’s happening at their house. Our DIL’s department at work is […]

menu plan monday ~ december 22, 2014

I have been resting after the concert last Thursay and the party on Saturday. Took it easy on Sunday and Monday. I am looking forward to Christmas Day. Our grands are coming Tuesday afternoon and their parents will come Wednesday and stay the night with us. Christmas morning will be fun, I am sure! We’ve […]

christmas tree countdown ~ the twins’ tree

Our youngest daughter switched bedrooms and we decided to turn her previous bedroom into a room for the twins when they stay overnight. The built-in bunk beds are perfect for the girls. The room was painted blue, with a green ceiling, and some brown trim around the bed. Because Snow White LOVES! pink, we decided […]

saturday afternoon

We have the grands this weekend and that is always fun! DH took the twins to the park to play on the new playground equipment. When they got home, they wanted to play on our devices, so it turned into some impromtu quiet time. Rose Red and Pa’s tablet… Snow White and Ma’s phone… After […]

the grands came by

What a beautiful fall day we had this Friday. After several days of rain and cold winds, we enjoyed a perfect autumn day. The windows were open, the breeze was rustling through the big oak tree, and the sunlight poured from a blue blue sky and danced off the red-crowned dogwood at the kitchen door. […]

twin time

The girls were here last weekend and we had a great time, as usual. Snow White found an electric candle we use in the window at Christmas time. She and Rose Red played with it for almost half an hour. Who knew an electric candle could be so much fun!? Pa helped them make plaster […]

Christmas Day 2013

I hope you had a good Christmas! We had a lot of fun here. Traditions and family, both make the day a good one! We had our older son and his family over. We did miss our oldest grand-daughter. She is out east visiting family there. And we missed our oldest daughter who is also […]