tired but happy

A young lady from church is helping me this fall with cleaning out all the drawers, cupboards, and cabinets (maybe even the attic) and, after we cleaned out the coat closet yesterday, I realized the interior had not been painted with the help of painting contractors in Tacoma, we redid the hall a few years ago. It was still the pale yellow the hall used to be. Now that the hall is dark red, with a dark green door on the closet, and a gold buff ceiling, the interior of the closet looked pretty bad after we pulled everything out of it. Well, Saturday DH and DD painted it for me!

painting the coat closet

Now the interior matches the ceiling. (Someday we’ll finish stripping the woodwork!)

painting the coat closet

After painting the closet, we moved to the guest room. The wallpaper is going to be history. I want to remodel the guest room and get rid of the wallpaper, the carpet and the cottage cheese ceiling. Of course, that means the entire addition has to be redone. But we’ve made a start.

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The room was decorated 12 years ago. It’s time for a makeover. I want to paint the walls, the woodwork and the ceiling, put in hardwood floors, and use different furniture (though I love this chair).

the old wallpaper

guest room's old wallpaper

Pulling off the top layer of the wallpaper was easy. And fun!

getting started

the top layer is easy

DD worked her way around the room, pulling wallpaper off everywhere she could. BTW, the four poster bed is on its way back upstairs to DD#1’s room, where it will look better with the 12′ ceiling. I’m planning to get something different for this room, something in a better scale. The guest room is in an addition to the house that was added in the early 1960s. It has 8′ ceilings.

DD's contribution

We got quite a bit done. This picture was taken after DH and DD went to a fish fry. I stayed home and worked on the far wall.

it's gonna take a while...

While I stripped wallpaper, Buttercup checked out the paint chips. I am not sure just which direction I’ll go, but I like the lighter sea foam colors. Looks like Buttercup likes a darker one.

I like *this* one...

~~Rhonda 🙂 (tired but happy with our progress)

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