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guest room in blue

Last year, we remodeled the addition, changing the colors, the floors, counter tops, etc. When it came to Christmas decorating, changes had to be made to accommodate that. The guest room used to look like this: We bought this house in 1994 and renovated it before moving into the house in 1996. The wallpaper, carpet, […]

silver and blue

The Christmas tree in the guest room has a silver and blue theme, with a lean toward a vintage feel. The tree has white LED lights that have a bluish cast. The tree rotates. So much prettier in person, but you get the idea. 🙂 By the way, this is the tree I spray painted […]

a new headboard for the guest room

The bed in the guest room has been changed out more times than I can count. Several different frames, some in there more than once, and the bed has waffled between a full and a queen size. I couldn’t find pictures of the other frames that have been in there, but here’s the iron bed […]

drapes in the guest room

Redecorating the guest room, which was such a priority just before the holidays, has slowed way down. Thank goodness! I have been enjoying some time off from that project. I was just in there, though, sitting in the comfy chair, pondering some rearranging. I realized I hadn’t shown you the drapes! Laurie, my very sweet […]

guest room

This evening brought the first wave of house tour guests. We’ll do it again tomorrow afternoon. I’ll have pictures then of the tour. It was a lot of fun to watch people come in the front door and get their first look at the living room tree. Lots of ooos and aaahs. 🙂 While the […]

thanks, hgtv!

We’ve redecorated the addition which includes the guest room, and I knew the Christmas tree had to be something other than the Victorian themed tree we’ve had in the past. The new decor is cottage / country. I found a pink tree for DD#3’s room on Ebay, so decided to use her old tree for […]

fabric for the guest room

Genny and I ran to the big city yesterday to look for fabric for the guest room. The walls and ceiling are blue and the hall walls are yellow with a blue ceiling. I’ll post the pics larger than usual, so you can see the prints well. The large floral will be used for curtains. […]


We’re remodeling the addition, which houses a hall with closets and built-in drawers, a laundry room, a full bath, and the guest room. We’re going for a cottage style which is a departure from the rest of the house, but since the addition is a 1960 build-on and is separate from the rest of the […]

tired but happy

A young lady from church is helping me this fall with cleaning out all the drawers, cupboards, and cabinets (maybe even the attic) and, after we cleaned out the coat closet yesterday, I realized the interior had not been painted with the help of painting contractors in Tacoma, we redid the hall a few years ago. […]

putting away Christmas in the guest room

Because we were gone to New Orleans for a week, I am behind on putting away Christmas. Yesterday I finished the guest room. The room doesn’t have a lot of Christmas decorations. Three boxes hold it all. It didn’t take long to put it away. One storage box is an ornament box, which holds most […]