Monthly Archives: March 2008

spring color

The spring flowers are popping out all over the yard. The yellow, white, and lavender crocus are done blooming, but the large purple ones are still in full bloom. The Tete-a-Tete daffodils are the first to bloom in the yard and are still going strong. These minis are only 5-6″ tall. Happy enjoys the warmer […]

Easter fun

DH always takes requests when making pancakes. This is a bunny and Easter eggs… Just a bunny… I think the dyes are as pretty as the colored eggs. Easter eggs today…deviled eggs tomorrow. Did I mention I like Snickers eggs? My favorite. ~~Rhonda 🙂

signs of spring

When DD and I walked the back yard yesterday, we saw signs of spring everywhere. The Star of Bethlehem is putting up it’s bright green leaves. We always called this “Easter grass” when I was young. The clumps green up long before the actual grass does and looks perfect for nestling Easter eggs. The columbine […]

March 2008 / one a day

March 1 / Saturday / The first March picture is one I took at our DDs’ house, where we stayed overnight on our way to visit DS#1 and his family. DD#2 and DD#3 snuggled up in the recliner and played games while DH made pancakes before we left for DS’s house. March 2 / Sunday […]

a day off

DH’s day off work is Wednesday. Of course, he goes in to do paperwork for four or five hours, but that doesn’t count, right? This Wednesday was the first one this year that was nice enough to work outside. The first thing we did was plant the irises that we had leftover from digging up […]

Zilli and the ladybug

It’s spring and that means ladybugs in the house on warm days. Zilli found one in the kitchen this morning. Gotcha! She rolled over and promptly lost the little bug. She looked all over the floor but couldn’t find it. Ladybug? What ladybug? Not sure when it quit hitchhiking, but it may be outside now. […]

at last

Spring is here. The white crocus opened today. I noticed them when I went out the back door to try to get a picture of the skunk ambling across the back yard. Missed the skunk (I don’t mind saying I wasn’t very aggressive on that front), but found the crocus. The daffodils near the back […]

a few more pics from our trip

The cemetery was an interesting place to stroll. Quiet and peaceful and full of history. When we decided it was time to go, DD talked us into another half hour. She had a great time. Signs of spring were every where. This tree was so ready to burst into leaf. It won’t need much encouragement. […]

baby portraits

The twins posed beautifully this morning for some portraits. Tabitha and Miranda, our first grandchildren. They are four months old tomorrow. Three sisters and an aunt. I think Tabitha looks a lot like her aunt did as an infant. I took one of DS’s baby outfits along and we put it on each of the […]

cemetery visit

DS#1 gave us a tour of one of his favorite cemeteries in town. The weather was beautiful, in the low 70s, partly cloudy, partly sunny, lots of nice photo ops. “He may be *your* grandpa, but he’s *my* Daddy.” DD#3 was impressed with the size of this tulip tree. She enjoyed babysitting the twins, too. […]