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silly zilli

Monday we spent some time camming with our daughters who are out east, attending college and pursuing their paths in life. They were laughing at Zilli. We were teasing her with a foxtail. Fun was had by all. 🙂 ~~Rhonda

Zilli and Buttercup

It’s been two years since we adopted Buttercup, Zilli, and Zak. They are fun additions to the family. I came across these pictures today while looking for something else. Zilli and Buttercup still play together almost every morning, early, chasing each other around the house at break-neck speed. And here they are on the ladder […]


DD#2’s cat, Zilli, is a very relaxed kitty. She slept like that for about 20 minutes, but we disturbed her slumber with all the funny pics we were taking of her. 🙂 ~~Rhonda

Zilli and the ladybug

It’s spring and that means ladybugs in the house on warm days. Zilli found one in the kitchen this morning. Gotcha! She rolled over and promptly lost the little bug. She looked all over the floor but couldn’t find it. Ladybug? What ladybug? Not sure when it quit hitchhiking, but it may be outside now. […]

Citty Club

A year ago last summer, DD made a Citty Club (kitty club) for Buttercup, Zak, and Zilli. The Citty Club has a dance floor and a “mirrored” ball hanging from the ceiling. The ball is made from aluminum foil. The Citty Club comes complete with rules. 🙂 Waiting…waiting…waiting… Here comes Zilli now… Where’d she go? […]