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March 2008 / one a day

March 1 / Saturday / The first March picture is one I took at our DDs’ house, where we stayed overnight on our way to visit DS#1 and his family. DD#2 and DD#3 snuggled up in the recliner and played games while DH made pancakes before we left for DS’s house. March 2 / Sunday […]

baby portraits

The twins posed beautifully this morning for some portraits. Tabitha and Miranda, our first grandchildren. They are four months old tomorrow. Three sisters and an aunt. I think Tabitha looks a lot like her aunt did as an infant. I took one of DS’s baby outfits along and we put it on each of the […]

visiting the grands

On the way east to visit the grandbabies, we stopped for the night and stayed with DD#1 and DD#2. It was great to see them again. This morning, DH made pancakes with chocolate chips. Made a camera shaped one for DD#2 who is in a photography program. Of course, they didn’t get a picture of […]