March 2008 / one a day

March 1 / Saturday / The first March picture is one I took at our DDs’ house, where we stayed overnight on our way to visit DS#1 and his family. DD#2 and DD#3 snuggled up in the recliner and played games while DH made pancakes before we left for DS’s house.

DD#3 and DD#2

March 2 / Sunday / We got reacquainted with the twins.

Grandpa gets twin time

March 3 / Monday / I love this picture of Tabitha. Her eyes are so bright and her face is so new and clear. No harsh lines, no worry lines, no grief lines. No “life” lines. Yet.


March 4 / Tuesday / DD#3 was quite taken with the babies. I love the look on her face in this picture.

play time

March 5 / Wednesday / We got some great portraits of the girls in the cute dresses I found for them.

the girlies

March 6 / Thursday / We got home in the afternoon after a week away. DH and DD#3 spent most of the remaining afternoon outside. They burned the tall grass, a task usually done in February, though weather did not permit that this year. Our spring is late in coming, so the grasses have not shown any green tips yet. Still time to burn.

burning the tall grass

March 7 / Friday / Hmmm…no pics taken this day.

March 8 / Saturday / I had fun trying some macro photography for my first posts to Macro Mondays.

move eight spaces...

March 9 / Sunday / We traveled two hours to my sister’s house for a family meeting.

Sibling #7, #1, #2 (me), #3 (one of the twins), #5, #4 (the other twin), #6, and my parents.

family portrait

March 10 / Monday / I like the way this picture turned out. Buttercup just *had* to investigate the set up for my macro photography of game pieces.

how should I play this one?

March 11 / Tuesday / I discovered the macro and super macro modes on my camera. What fun!


March 12 / Wednesday / We worked in the yard, cleaned branches and garden debris from the yard, piled it on the burn pile, and had a wiener roast that evening. Hot dogs and S’mores.


March 13 / Thursday / Another shot for Macro Mondays. This one for the assignment: books.

mar 2008 231

March 14 / Friday / DD#2 arrived home for spring break. It will be good to have her home for the next week.

home for spring break

March 15 / Saturday / DD#3 and DH helped serve at the 4H Pancake Day. I spent some time helping at the ticket table. Saw a lot of people I haven’t seen for a while. This afternoon, we took DS#2 and DDIL to the airport for their flight to London.

serving drinks at pancake day

March 16 / Sunday / When DH and DD burned the tall grasses last week, they moved this bench away from the fire. DH set it back in place today as we walked the yard this afternoon. Cloudy, breezy, 48*. A little chilly with the wind, but it is good to see spring coming up. We found catnip coming to life in the veggie garden, so we picked some for the kitties. Happy ignored it. Buttercup ate it all.

resetting the bench

March 17 / Monday / Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This afternoon DD#2 and I walked through the yard, snapping pictures. The tawny daylilies are always the first daylilies up and they are a beautiful shade of green when they are this fresh and new.

tawny daylily

March 18 / Tuesday / Rain, rain, rain. Weather news said Cape had 10″ yesterday, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we are near that here.

under water

March 19 / Wednesday / In spite of my bringing the Von Sion in early, the miniature Tete-a-Tete daffodil opened first. DH picked it last night when he came home from work.

the mini wins

March 20 / Thursday / In the early evening, I caught this photo of the sunlight shining through the goblets on the shelves that display my Christmas china.

setting sun

March 21 / Good Friday / I assisted DD#2 in picking frames for her new eye glasses.

can't decide...

March 22 / Saturday / DD#3 colored a dozen eggs today. Tomorrow they’ll be deviled eggs for dinner. I think the cups of dye are as pretty as the colorful eggs are.

Easter egg dye

March 23 / Sunday / Happy Easter! Christ is risen! Indeed, He is risen!

My favorite Easter candy? Snickers eggs. I could hunt for these every day…

my favorite Easter candy

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