Monthly Archives: April 2008

working in the yard

It was a beautiful day. Low 70s and sunny, a little breeze. We enjoyed working in the yard. I mowed the front lawn while waiting for DH to get back from work. When he got home we worked on a few projects in the front yard. One project was removing the irises and daylilies from […]

second quilt-along top

I and my friend Tricia have both decided to do Amandajean’s quilt along. We’re both doing two tops. This is the first block for my second top. I had planned to use Christmas fabrics. While looking through the stash, I found the white snowflake print and the blue one and decided to use those instead. […]


I finished putting the blocks together. I’ll rummage the attic stash and see if there is something I can use for the borders. ~~Rhonda

treasures in the attic

I’ve decided to put together two quilt tops following Amandajean’s quilt along. I finished the first block last night. It’s a star quilt made up of 13 different star block patterns and set with 12 other blocks. I’m making this one in palest pinks, yellows, and blues. I’m want to redecorate the guest room in […]

deep green spring

It’s spring at our house. Really spring. Deep green, deep grass spring. Monday the ground was too wet from previous rains to mow, but I mowed the yard on Tuesday for the first mower outing of the season. DH has Wednesdays off and we spent a lot of time out in the yard that day, […]

happy 100th birthday!

This inspirational couple, members of our church, are celebrating Moore’s 100th birthday and Dorothy’s 99th birthday. They are looking forward to celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary this year. Devoted to one another and to their God, they are an exemplary couple for all of us to look up to. Congratulations, Moore and Dorothy! ~~Rhonda 🙂