Monthly Archives: February 2008


Originally uploaded by This Way to Infinity I have three sweet girls. This is one of them. Photo taken by her sister, another one of them. 🙂

winter and spring…ebb and flow

While we were in New Orleans the first part of January, home actually had some temps in the 70s. We got home in time for winter. On the thirteenth…sleet. DH and DD had a ball. Four days ago, I was glad to see the sun shining and the daffs coming up. Now we’re shivering under […]

Citty Club

A year ago last summer, DD made a Citty Club (kitty club) for Buttercup, Zak, and Zilli. The Citty Club has a dance floor and a “mirrored” ball hanging from the ceiling. The ball is made from aluminum foil. The Citty Club comes complete with rules. 🙂 Waiting…waiting…waiting… Here comes Zilli now… Where’d she go? […]

doin’ donuts

We were on the north edge of a winter storm Monday. Ended up with one inch of solid sleet. Today (Wednesday) it’s still a solid sheet of ice. Tomorrow’s temps are supposed to be in the low to mid 50s, causing a lot of melting. With the second “snow day” off school and DH’s day […]

have some corn

We eat a lot of popcorn at our house. I was watching “Good Eats” one evening and saw Alton Brown cook his corn in a brown bag. I tried it myself and it works great. I am sure not all microwaves will work the same, but here’s how I do it. I use brown lunch […]

birthday girl

Not sure how she got to be ten whole years old, but facts are facts. The day started with special pancakes. DH takes requests. 🙂 DD had a full day. After school DH took her to Dairy Queen for a treat while I finished decorating the cake. I met them at school, took DD to […]

wanna be…clutter free

Today I worked on some of the kitchen cabinets, “decluttering” and sorting and putting away. I didn’t take a before picture of the cabinet over the stove, but here are some of the things that came out of it. They are now wrapped and in a box for charity. If my kids want any of […]

tiny pink hearts

My friend Mary and I hosted a baby shower for another friend, Wendy, this past Sunday afternoon. We like to have “open house” showers…no games…just visiting. Doors are open between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m., come when you like, snack as you like. DH opened the afternoon with a devotion featuring Jacob and the fulfilled promises […]