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first blossoms of spring

The daffodils have buds, and the crocus are opening. Spring is official. What you don’t see is a picture of me smiling, but rest assured…I am! Visit other gardens and their gardeners at Tootsie Time’s Fertilizer Friday. ~~Rhonda 🙂


The big picture in the back yard still looks a little bleak. But if you look down and look close… The daffodils are pushing aside the leaf litter and will be blooming soon. Can’t hold back spring now. ~~Rhonda

signs of spring

When DD and I walked the back yard yesterday, we saw signs of spring everywhere. The Star of Bethlehem is putting up it’s bright green leaves. We always called this “Easter grass” when I was young. The clumps green up long before the actual grass does and looks perfect for nestling Easter eggs. The columbine […]

a day off

DH’s day off work is Wednesday. Of course, he goes in to do paperwork for four or five hours, but that doesn’t count, right? This Wednesday was the first one this year that was nice enough to work outside. The first thing we did was plant the irises that we had leftover from digging up […]

at last

Spring is here. The white crocus opened today. I noticed them when I went out the back door to try to get a picture of the skunk ambling across the back yard. Missed the skunk (I don’t mind saying I wasn’t very aggressive on that front), but found the crocus. The daffodils near the back […]