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there’s still a lot of color in the garden

Now that the weeks of daylily blooms are almost over, I think there isn’t much blooming until I get out into the garden. After he got home this evening, DH and I took a spin around the yard. Yup, there is still a lot of color out there. There are surprise lilies all over the […]

beautiful weather, beautiful flowers

DH took DD and her friend to Six Flags today. They had a nice day for it. And, according to the occasional updates I’ve been getting, they are having a great time, too. I’ve certainly enjoyed a nice quiet day at home. I mowed the entire yard. Then said goodbye to my mower as it […]

don’t say autumn

We’ve had lots of rain this garden season. The yard is overflowing with plant life. Good and bad. The weeds are certainly enjoying all the wet and warm days as much as the flowers are. The fenced garden looks stuffed. Lots of green there! Outside the fence, on the northwest corner, ‘Second Hand Rose’ (daylily) […]

wednesday’s walk in the garden

We had a great plant sale today. The weather was wonderful and we had enough customers to fund a very nice donation to the mission team at church. You may not be able to make it out in this picture, but we set up the table under the redbud by the front porch, where I […]

corners of our garden

It’s easy to take pictures of individual flowers and I love to do that. The detail is beautiful and it’s fun to take closeups for even more detail. But sometimes I like to see the whole picture. I love to visit other blogs, to see what other people are doing in their own gardens. For […]

garden pics…can’t stop sharing garden pics…

Such a beautiful time of year in the garden. My kitty Zak, strolling past the hostas. Ants on the peonies… The flags are blooming now. Hosta ‘Minuteman’ grows in the woods. We’ve found most of the hostas prefer more sun than the woods provides, but this one seems to like it here. Hosta ‘Squash Casserole’ […]

wednesday in the garden

DH and I were able to put in a few hours of yard work yesterday. The weather was wonderful. Mulched a few more flower beds, dug up a butterfly bush that was in a shady spot and moved the two pieces to a sunny location, weeded, and mowed. So nice to be outside! Beside the […]

bloomin’ tuesday

The weather this week is beautiful. It’s a wonderful change from the rain we had last week. There are so many pretty things to see in the yard right now. We were given this iris at a nursery after seeing it growing on their property in a bit of a slough. They didn’t know the […]

Mother’s Day bouquet

The bouquet for church this week was full of ‘Miss Kim’ lilac and several kinds of peonies. It smelled SO good! I also tucked in a few sprigs of honesty. The green seedpods looked nice with the pinks and lilacs of the bouquet. ‘Miss Kim’ is a late blooming lilac (our latest) and it has […]

spring bouquet

We try to take a bouquet to church each Sunday when we have flowers available in the yard. Here is the one from last Sunday. The white sprays are bridal wreath spirea. It has purple and yellow irises, the last of the Poet’s daffodils, and some lilac blossoms. It smelled so good! ~~Rhonda