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from the back steps

Yesterday afternoon, when the sun came out, I sat on the back steps and enjoyed the sunshine. From there…lots of daffodil shoots to enjoy. The mini daffs ‘Tete-a-Tete’ opened yesterday. The oak tree is getting a faint fuzzy haze as the buds swell. A light breeze ruffled the water in the birdbath. And the cats […]

can’t you tell it’s snowing out here?

Oreo sits on the carport roof and implores us to let him in. Dream on, kitty. I wonder how long he’ll sit there hoping before he finally heads for the garage? ~~Rhonda

silly zilli

Monday we spent some time camming with our daughters who are out east, attending college and pursuing their paths in life. They were laughing at Zilli. We were teasing her with a foxtail. Fun was had by all. 🙂 ~~Rhonda

Zilli and Buttercup

It’s been two years since we adopted Buttercup, Zilli, and Zak. They are fun additions to the family. I came across these pictures today while looking for something else. Zilli and Buttercup still play together almost every morning, early, chasing each other around the house at break-neck speed. And here they are on the ladder […]

deep green spring

It’s spring at our house. Really spring. Deep green, deep grass spring. Monday the ground was too wet from previous rains to mow, but I mowed the yard on Tuesday for the first mower outing of the season. DH has Wednesdays off and we spent a lot of time out in the yard that day, […]

spring color

The spring flowers are popping out all over the yard. The yellow, white, and lavender crocus are done blooming, but the large purple ones are still in full bloom. The Tete-a-Tete daffodils are the first to bloom in the yard and are still going strong. These minis are only 5-6″ tall. Happy enjoys the warmer […]

Citty Club

A year ago last summer, DD made a Citty Club (kitty club) for Buttercup, Zak, and Zilli. The Citty Club has a dance floor and a “mirrored” ball hanging from the ceiling. The ball is made from aluminum foil. The Citty Club comes complete with rules. 🙂 Waiting…waiting…waiting… Here comes Zilli now… Where’d she go? […]