Monthly Archives: August 2008

first day of school

DD enters fifth grade this year, with a new teacher she has yet to meet. She was eager but a bit apprehensive this morning. DH fixed the usual pancakes with mini chocolate chips. He’s quite the pancake artist. I should have taken a picture…he made a squid today. The book bag must have been packed, […]

a little weeding, a little pondering

We’ve been having some cool weather (cool for August in this part of the world anyway). I spent some time outside pulling weeds on the north side of the fenced garden. There is a small path of stones that leads between the fence and the snowball bush. It gets a bit weedy sometimes… 🙂 My […]

playing with light

This morning I was taking pictures of a framed mirror for Macro Mondays, a group I am a member of on flickr. DD brought in the hand mirror from the bathroom and discovered how much fun it was to play with mirrors and the sunshine coming through the east window. By shining the light through […]

menu plan monday ~ august 11, 2008

I’ve had a quiet morning, but the afternoon will be busier. Several things on my agenda. Here’s the menu for the week. Monday sloppy joes / buns tomatoes / sweet and sour cucumber slices chips / dip Tuesday chicken fajitas Wednesday leftovers Thursday country pork chops in crock pot rice with summer squash green salad […]

going away party

Our church is blessed to have many members who are seriously interested in missions and missionary work. One of our young ladies is preparing to go to the Philippines to attend the Newlife International School of Midwifery. On Sunday, we hosted a church dinner at our home to show our love and support of her […]

menu monday on tuesday :) / week of august 4

Last week was very busy. On top of party prep (had 74 people here for dinner after church Sunday), my mower quit, my frig quit, I lost a diamond earring in the lawn, cut my finger and DH had to put four stitches in it, MIL was in the hospital for a few days, DD […]

caterpillar club

DD found a caterpillar on the Virginia Creeper vine on the front porch. We’ve raised caterpillars in the past, so decided to give this one a home and watch it develop. To make a home for the caterpillar, we collected a plastic jar, a small container with a lid, dirt and water for the container, […]

it’s Christmas Notebook day!

Today is the beginning of the Christmas Notebook season! I teach the Christmas Notebook plan for holiday preparation on the yahoo group Christmas Notebook. It helps members organize preparation for the holidays so they have more time in December to celebrate the season with friends and family. It walks them through each stage of holiday […]