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summertime putz house

I had a lot of fun making this sweet, summertime Putz house. I had planned to make it a Valentine house, but it kept saying “summertime, summertime,” so summertime it is. I found a vintage dollhouse online that I used as inspiration for the Putz house pattern. So sweet. Not my usual design, but I […]

40 year old Christmas party

I’ve been perusing some photos from the 1970’s this week. Oh, my. The years have flown by. In some ways, it seems like yesterday. I’m still that person, deep down inside. In other ways, it seems like an eternity ago. The end of that part of my life when I was carefree and had nothing […]

canned the last of the peaches

We finished canning the peaches today. Thanks to our friendly peach supplier, we were able to can 169 quarts of sliced peaches this year. Not all in one day, thankfully! The first 124 will be divided between us and our son’s family, as he and our DDIL helped with the canning. Little slices of summer, […]

lots of rain for the garden

We had a lot of rain both Saturday and Sunday. Three inches on Saturday, and probably at least two more inches between Saturday pm and Sunday afternoon. In the early evening, we went outside to catch a few shots via the light of the setting sun. Another lake in the center of the driveway. And […]

caterpillar club

DD found a caterpillar on the Virginia Creeper vine on the front porch. We’ve raised caterpillars in the past, so decided to give this one a home and watch it develop. To make a home for the caterpillar, we collected a plastic jar, a small container with a lid, dirt and water for the container, […]