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DD found a caterpillar on the Virginia Creeper vine on the front porch. We’ve raised caterpillars in the past, so decided to give this one a home and watch it develop.

To make a home for the caterpillar, we collected a plastic jar, a small container with a lid, dirt and water for the container, a rubber band and a bit of screen. We punched holes in the lid of the small container, put the dirt in the container, and filled it with water to hold the food.

raising a caterpillar

This particular caterpillar was found on Virginia Creeper, so that is what we stocked the larder with, putting stems through the holes into the watery dirt. Putting dirt in the container, as well as water, helps to hold the stems upright.

stocking up on groceries

Here you can see the caterpillar in question.

our guest

Species Alypia octomaculata – Eight-spotted Forester

Eight-spotted Forester caterpillar

After putting the small container into the jar (I used a large pair of tongs to put it in place), DD covered the jar with screen and fastened it with a large rubber band. In the past we’ve used fish bowls covered with screen and held in place with elastic. Those are much easier in which to place the food container than a narrow mouthed jar. Keep that in mind if you want to try something similar.

covering his house

Home Sweet Home…now we wait while he eats and grows. I need to find out if this particular caterpillar will want some dirt to burrow in when it is time to cocoon.

finished product


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