a little weeding, a little pondering

We’ve been having some cool weather (cool for August in this part of the world anyway). I spent some time outside pulling weeds on the north side of the fenced garden.

from the north side

There is a small path of stones that leads between the fence and the snowball bush. It gets a bit weedy sometimes… 🙂

My usual tools: a chair, my gloves, a big cup of ice water, a garden fork and a bucket for the pulled weeds.


Along the way, I found a couple of friends…a wooly worm…

wooly worm

…and a shield bug.

shield bug

Looks better now, right? I took a wagon load of weeds out of here.

got 'er done

Did you know that snowball bushes (and hydrangeas and Russian sage to name a couple more) will make baby bushes if a branch stays in contact with the ground long enough? I found a little snowball bush today. We’ll pot this up and find someone to give it to.

baby snowball bush

And where does the pondering come in? Weeding is a great time to think. Sort of like quilting. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a picture of my constant gardening companion…Pippin, the kitty with the crooked smile.

Pippin's crooked smile

~~Rhonda 🙂

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