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it’s snowing in the kitchen

The snowflakes are up in the kitchen. Fifteen or so hang from the 12′ ceiling on mirrored strings and my snowflake ornament collection hangs on the window garlands. Hanging the ceiling snowflakes. Snowflake ornament collection. Looks so festive! ~~Rhonda 🙂

it’s Christmas Notebook day!

Today is the beginning of the Christmas Notebook season! I teach the Christmas Notebook plan for holiday preparation on the yahoo group Christmas Notebook. It helps members organize preparation for the holidays so they have more time in December to celebrate the season with friends and family. It walks them through each stage of holiday […]

cleaning is almost there

Sunday is our annual open house and this week is always a busy whirl of “getting things done.” I wish I had more time to post about all our activities this week, but time is running too short for a long computer session. I’m having lunch right now and wanted to post an update. A […]

idea binders

I collect Christmas magazines and used to have about six feet of shelf space filled with them. It was only a few years ago that I could bring myself to pull out the pages showing ideas I like and put them into binders. I have about half the magazines done and will finish the rest […]

on to the library

The decorating is proceeding well. We’d be farther ahead if we hadn’t taken a week to visit those precious grandbabies, but one has to have priorities, doesn’t one? The downstairs is done except for the library (which functions as our family room) and the downstairs bath. The lights on the 9′ library tree had to […]

Saturday decorating

Today we managed to get the lights on the living room tree and put up the red beads and the popcorn and cranberry strings. This is a nine foot tree on an 18″ high box DH made. The ceilings in the living room are 12′. We made the popcorn and cranberries strings last Sunday/Monday. We […]

the biscotti is delicious!

The house smelled SO good while the biscotti was baking and the final result was as delicious as the smell. The dough contains melted butter and veggie oil, so it has a different look than most cookie doughs. Shinier and denser. The recipe called for broken chocolate-covered toffee bars which I didn’t have. I used […]

kitchen garland – going up!

Last night DH put the garland up in the kitchen. Standing on the counter is the only way to do it. The next step is to add the snowflakes. We’ve had some frosts, so the geraniums came in. Not sure where they are going to end up, but they are so pretty right now that […]

addressing Christmas cards

The piles are getting bigger…

halfway through

3:00 pm – I’m halfway through the Christmas card list. Taking a break as my hand needs a rest. There are about 20 more finished invites then I will have to stop and make more. I have a meeting tonight and a chat later this evening, so won’t have time tonight to get much else […]