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birthday girl

Twelve years and a day. Our son and daughter-in-law came to help celebrate. We played Apples to Apples and a few rounds of Scattergories while we waited for supper to be done. DD asked for Cheesy Potato Sausage soup for her birthday meal. I also made bread and some pepperoni and cheese rolls for DS […]

riding lessons

DD *loves* riding lessons. She thinks it’s the greatest thing she got to do this summer. We’re keeping them up as long as it will work out. She has a great teacher. He’s patient and meticulous about teaching and reviewing the things she needs to know. We thought about doing this last year, but it […]

riding lessons

We had a very hot and humid day for riding lessons. The thermometer said 94* and with the high humidity, the “feels like” temp was 102*. Yucky. But DD enjoyed her lesson, none the less. r I’m so glad she has this opportunity. She’s loving it and she’s learning an entirely new skill…something she hasn’t […]

riding lessons and a rainstorm

DD had her first riding lesson this evening. Can you say “EXCITED!” She has been looking forward to this all week. I had planned to get more pictures, close ups, etc., but a it began to rain and they went into the barn to continue lessons there. Next time, I hope to get some better […]


I am feeling enough better that I rode the mower around the yard and checked out the garden with DH. We even built a fire and roasted hotdogs and made S’mores. DD made a double-decker…and ate the whole thing. Doing all that wore me out a bit, but the day was so pretty and I […]

earth hour

DD was excited about joining in Earth Hour this evening, so we turned the lights out at 8:30 p.m., and played a game of Star Wars Trivia by candle light. I won. 🙂 ~~Rhonda

birthday bears

Last night, DH spent a little time with a new slide scanner. He scanned several and one of them was this picture of our older son’s 6th birthday in 1985. I used the same pan (and a cat cake pan that is just as old) for his twins’ first birthday last year. DD#3 wanted it […]


A birthday gift, Blokus has proven to be lots of fun. It is easy to play, at any skill level, and can be used by 2-4 players. We broke it out this afternoon and gave it a try. Fun! ~~Rhonda

dd’s birthday weekend

It was quite a weekend for DD. She turned eleven on Friday at 8:01 a.m. 🙂 Off to school with cupcakes, then after school prep for her birthday party sleepover. We rearranged the library furniture, set out all the snacks, and rented a few movies. At suppertime, DD opened the box that came in the […]

birthday cupcakes

Today is DD’s eleventh birthday. We began by making cupcakes this morning before she left for school. She wants ice cream cone cupcakes for the sleepover with her friends this evening. I made cake batter using the directions on a white cake box mix, divided the batter into three parts, and colored the batter green, […]