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2018 chalkboard Christmas tree

Last year, beginning in December and going forward about six months, I had a lot of trouble with my blog. Many things weren’t posted last Christmas, including the chalkboard tree for 2018. After posting the start of this year’s tree, I realized I never posted last year’s tree. I’ll fix that now! The theme for […]

christmas tree countdown ~ living room tree

DH took this picture of the tree in the living room. This is our family tree. It holds the kids’ ornament collections, our family ornaments, the ornaments the kids’ have made during grade school, etc. It is beaded with a double strand of red beads, decked with popcorn and cranberry strings, and finished with silver […]

christmas tree countdown ~ chalkboard tree

This is the third year in a row that we have done a chalkboard tree. The chalkboard is in the room we call the “music room” because that’s where our piano lives. The chalkboard is painted on the wall with green chalkboard paint. It is a bit over eight feet tall. The ceilings are twelve […]

christmas tree countdown ~ blue and silver tree

The Christmas tree in the downstairs bedroom has been dubbed “the blue and silver tree.” It is located in the 1960 addition to the original house. This addition has 8′ ceilings, so the tree is 7′. It is decorated with mostly silver ornaments, many of them with an old-fashioned theme, and some blue ornaments. It […]

christmas tree countdown ~ ornament tree

The ornament tree is in the craft room. We’ve had it for several years. This year it displays 60 of the ornaments I’ve made using the pictures from Christmas cards. Twenty-some trees to go. I’ll post another one tomorrow. ~~Rhonda

yes, we did…

Today, my daughter-in-law and two older daughters helped decorate the glass tree in our bedroom. DH helped, too. It’s never too early at our house. Besides, it’s in the bay, out of the way. It’s not a nuisance. And it’s my favorite. Now I can enjoy it for the next few months. Pictures never do […]

silver and blue

The Christmas tree in the guest room has a silver and blue theme, with a lean toward a vintage feel. The tree has white LED lights that have a bluish cast. The tree rotates. So much prettier in person, but you get the idea. 🙂 By the way, this is the tree I spray painted […]

Christmas prep

Last weekend we got a lot of decorating done. My daughter-in-law and my sister came to help. The dining room was finished, with the exception of one window sill. I need to paint a flowerpot white to complete that project. DH and our daughter-in-law put up the snow tree. “Snowing” it is the final (and […]

iris season is off and running

These first few irises opened their first blossoms of the season today. Siberian Iris ‘Illini Charm’ This is an old fashioned iris that we do not know the name of. We brought this iris from our previous home. Bought it in a collection of six, years ago. Probably the first irises I ever bought. But […]

Christmas around the house

Here are a few pictures of the decorations in the front hall, the living room and the dining room. We hang our stockings on the staircase in the front hall. Family members at our house on Christmas morning get a stocking. All are expected to provide some stocking stuffers for everyone else. Family members who […]