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2019 Christmas chalkboard tree

It’s that time of year at our house…we begin prep for the holidays, including baking cookies for the freezer to serve at our annual Christmas Open House and we also start some decorating the first part of October. Too soon for many, I know, but we have our open house on the first Sunday in […]

a week from today

Open House is getting closer. We’re counting down. Just a week left. Today our older son and his family came to help with decorating and cleaning. Along with our two daughters, DH, and my sister Genny, a lot was accomplished! The downstairs is almost entirely ready. Besides the kitchen, of course. Cleaning it for company […]

kittens and Christmas trees…not sure this is going to work

We put the nativity tree up in the library this weekend. We have had a lot of cats over the years and none have ever bothered any of the many trees we have. Things are changing. Several times this weekend, we had to chase Cedar and Amy out of the tree! They seem to think […]

so i start early…

It’s almost September! In this household, that means our Christmas prep is underway. I’ve pulled out my Christmas Notebook, the Room Pages binder, the party planner, and miscellaneous storage binders full of Christmas ideas. This year, I’ve also added Pinterest to my bag of Christmas prep tools. Being visually oriented, Pinterest is a great way […]

nutmeg logs

Yesterday, I baked Nutmeg Logs for the Christmas Open House. I’m a little behind on baking, but still have four weeks, right?? I like to cut the cookies with the crimped pastry cutter. It gives the cookies a decorative edge. I make these rather thin because that creates a crisp cookie. The cookie platter needs […]

a few things we’ve been doing this week

After Thanksgiving dinner, we went to work on the living room tree. Buttercup slept near the tinsel. Julie decorated the box grand in the living room. I replaced the lights on this little tree. All better! We decorated the front porch. And Buttercup slept on ornament storage boxes. I made chocolate creams. I wrapped my […]

dining room window sills

When my DDIL helped decorate a few Saturdays ago, she put together one of the dining room window sill displays. I wanted to do something different than the blue vases I used last year. I love those, but am trying to take the cobalt blue out of the room. This is what they looked like […]

living room mantel

This weekend, Genny and I finished the living room mantel decorations. The pictures are framed Christmas cards that tell the story of Christ’s birth. I added a little detail to the gold cloth on the mantel by using the hot glue gun to attach a bead trim to the hem. It added a nice extra […]

Christmas prep

Last weekend we got a lot of decorating done. My daughter-in-law and my sister came to help. The dining room was finished, with the exception of one window sill. I need to paint a flowerpot white to complete that project. DH and our daughter-in-law put up the snow tree. “Snowing” it is the final (and […]

it’s snowing in the kitchen

The snowflakes are up in the kitchen. Fifteen or so hang from the 12′ ceiling on mirrored strings and my snowflake ornament collection hangs on the window garlands. Hanging the ceiling snowflakes. Snowflake ornament collection. Looks so festive! ~~Rhonda 🙂