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the putz tree

Those who know me well, know that we put up more than twenty Christmas trees to celebrate the holiday season. A new one for us this past Christmas was the putz tree in our bedroom. Putz houses, also known as little glitter houses, were popular from the 1920s through the 1950s. There were small cardboard […]

a few things we’ve been doing this week

After Thanksgiving dinner, we went to work on the living room tree. Buttercup slept near the tinsel. Julie decorated the box grand in the living room. I replaced the lights on this little tree. All better! We decorated the front porch. And Buttercup slept on ornament storage boxes. I made chocolate creams. I wrapped my […]

Christmas around the house

Here are a few pictures of the decorations in the front hall, the living room and the dining room. We hang our stockings on the staircase in the front hall. Family members at our house on Christmas morning get a stocking. All are expected to provide some stocking stuffers for everyone else. Family members who […]

other things and sour cream sugar cookie dough

A quick post here…I’ve been pretty busy. This morning I painted the two closet doors for the hall in the addition. DH will have to turn them over this evening and I’ll give the other sides final coats in the morning. When he gets home from work tomorrow evening, he can install them. Yeah! It […]

living room tree

Last evening I put lights on the middle tier of the 9′ living room tree and today I spent three hours finishing the lights on the bottom tier. Looks great! And it should. I used twelve boxes of commercial grade, 200 count light strings. This tree sits on a revolving stand and makes a beautiful […]

can’t see the forest for the trees

Disclaimer…I don’t advocate this many trees for everyone! LOL If you don’t know already, I *love* Christmas and everything about it. I love the decorating, the entertaining, the cooking…every detail. Here’s a little preview of what’s coming. The living room tree is a 9′ tree that sits on a 24″ box. The ceilings are 12′ […]

Christmas House Tour ~ the downstairs

Our Second Empire brick home was built in 1867. We bought the house in 1994 and moved in, after extensive restoration and while still renovating, in 1996. We love celebrating Christmas in this lovely old home. DH decks the porches with evergreen roping and white lights. He also strings many of the redbud trees in […]

Christmas House Tour ~ the upstairs

Standing at the top of the twenty-two steps, looking down toward the front door, you have a beautiful view of the staircase and railing. Original to the home, the staircase and railing are made of walnut. A small secretary at the top of the stairs was a birthday gift from DH nine or ten years […]

kitchen snowflakes

The kitchen is decorated with snowflakes and icicles. This collection continues to grow. Each year new ones are added and older plastic snowflakes are removed. We have four south facing windows and two east facing windows, all topped with a garland that is lit with blue and white lights. The snowflake ornaments hang from the […]

idea binders

I collect Christmas magazines and used to have about six feet of shelf space filled with them. It was only a few years ago that I could bring myself to pull out the pages showing ideas I like and put them into binders. I have about half the magazines done and will finish the rest […]