christmas tree countdown ~ chalkboard tree

This is the third year in a row that we have done a chalkboard tree. The chalkboard is in the room we call the “music room” because that’s where our piano lives. The chalkboard is painted on the wall with green chalkboard paint. It is a bit over eight feet tall. The ceilings are twelve feet tall.

The tree this year was going to have a Chrismon Tree theme, but I changed my mind and decided on a nativity scene instead. As I have done in the past, I googled for ideas. I searched < nativity coloring pages > and found some great inspiration there. Coloring pages make good design choices for the chalkboard tree. They are easy to reproduce and to color in. Genny does the work of transferring the ideas to the actual chalkboard. It takes hours and hours to finish, but we always love the end result.

Chalkboard tree 2013 / The Twelve Days of Christmas

Our first chalkboard tree was done in 2012. It was a Scandinavian themed tree, inspired by the blog A Legg Up.

We may consider the Chrismon theme again for next year, but I’m also already thinking about a Christmas toys theme…could be fun!


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