iris season is off and running

These first few irises opened their first blossoms of the season today.

Siberian Iris ‘Illini Charm’

Iris 'Illini Charm'

This is an old fashioned iris that we do not know the name of.

UNK iris

We brought this iris from our previous home. Bought it in a collection of six, years ago. Probably the first irises I ever bought. But I no longer know the name.

UNK iris

‘Mary Frances’ is a beautiful bluish tall bearded iris.

'Mary Frances'

Another unknown.

UNK iris

This early brown iris was in the yard when we moved here. Unfortunately, it was planted against a brick wall of the same color. We’ve moved it around the yard, where it shows up much better.

early brown iris

early brown iris

‘Raspberry Blush’ opened April 26.

Iris 'Raspberry Blush'

This very early old fashioned iris opened April 19 and is still blooming strongly. We brought this iris from DH’s family farm, where it has bloomed every spring for many years.

early purple iris

‘Baby Blessed’ is one of my favorite dwarf irises. It blooms prolifically in the spring, then blooms off and on all summer and into the fall, providing it has plenty of moisture.

Iris 'Baby Blessed'

Other irises have already finished blooming.

Tiny little ‘What Again.’

Iris 'What Again'

And the even tinier extra early purple iris. It bloomed March 30. This iris came from DH’s family farm. It stands 3-4″ tall.

early iris

This picture of ‘Irish Chant,’ a lovely dwarf iris, was taken last year. It bloomed this year while I was too sick to go out. The one picture DH took of it, wasn’t a great shot, so I’ll recycle this one.

dwarf iris 'Irish Chant'

There will be new irises every day for a while. This is my favorite season in the garden. The entire yard will smell heavenly when they are blooming at the peak of the season! ~~Rhonda

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