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iris season

Need I say more? ~~Rhonda 🙂

iris season is off and running

These first few irises opened their first blossoms of the season today. Siberian Iris ‘Illini Charm’ This is an old fashioned iris that we do not know the name of. We brought this iris from our previous home. Bought it in a collection of six, years ago. Probably the first irises I ever bought. But […]

iris season

With the first blooms of the early purple irises, I feel like iris season has officially opened. DH took these pictures this afternoon. The medium height, early purple irises came from DH’s family farm. Other than the dwarf irises, these are the first iris blooms in our yard each year. ‘Baby Blessed’ is a dwarf […]

yard work

Wednesday DH and I were able to do a little yard work. It consisted mainly of cutting up and carting off the pear tree and the broken limb on the mulberry. We also mulched a couple of beds. The pear tree fell over after the ground became saturated from all the rain we’ve been having. […]

a little yard work

Today is cool and cloudy, a little light mist. We did go out and do about an hour and a half of yard work, but when the mist came up it was too chilly to stay out. Temps are about 60*F. DH moved the two Paradigm hostas that were sitting too close to the Blue […]

walking the yard

This afternoon, I took a walk around the yard to cut some iris that had fallen in the rain. We’ve had more than 3″ of rain since Wednesday, with more coming Sunday to Wednesday. DH stopped by on his lunch hour and we walked around the front yard to see the newly opened irises. But […]

first irises of the season

The old old purple irises from DH’s family farm are always the first to bloom in our yard, along with the few early dwarf iris. Those vintage purple ones were blooming well when this picture was taken May 1. This iris is more purple than the picture shows. We brought this one from our previous […]