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living room mantel

This weekend, Genny and I finished the living room mantel decorations. The pictures are framed Christmas cards that tell the story of Christ’s birth. I added a little detail to the gold cloth on the mantel by using the hot glue gun to attach a bead trim to the hem. It added a nice extra […]

meet me in the living room at 1:00

Taking Christmas down is a long term project around here. We usually wait until after Epiphany (celebrated January 6) to begin taking apart the holiday decor. The season was so busy that I feel I haven’t had time to enjoy the decorations as much as I usually do. And, if we weren’t planning a vacation […]

Christmas around the house

Here are a few pictures of the decorations in the front hall, the living room and the dining room. We hang our stockings on the staircase in the front hall. Family members at our house on Christmas morning get a stocking. All are expected to provide some stocking stuffers for everyone else. Family members who […]

new sofa

The new sofa for the living room was delivered today. We switched the office rug and the living room. The office rug looks great with the sofa. And the living room rug looks great in the office! Worked out well! ~~Rhonda 🙂

the storm before the lull

Yesterday, DH brought lots of boxes down from the attic. There are fifteen boxes just for the living room. This is the part of decorating for Christmas that looks like chaos to the untrained eye. 🙂 It’s all organized by box and by room. Each box decorates a particular part of the room. For the […]

putting away Christmas in the living room

A few weeks ago, DH and I took down all the Christmas decorations in the dining room and living room except the living room tree and the window toppers. This week I tackled the tree. It’s a big job. The tinsel has to be removed, the ornaments sorted (ours, the kids’), the popcorn/cranberry strings taken […]