Daily Archives: October 30, 2008

walking the yard with aunty

The twins took the wagon for a spin again this afternoon. It’s a beautiful afternoon. The asters are covered with butterflies, bees and beetles. The sugar maples are pretty this year. The twins love to be outside. And it was great to get out of the kitchen for a change! 🙂 ~~Rhonda

going to see great-grandma

DD took the girls for a ride in the wagon. They went to the nursing home to see Great-grandma. The twins *loved* riding in the wagon. We’ll have to go out again this afternoon. It’s a beautiful day and I’d like to get some fall pictures. I’ve spent the past four days in the kitchen. […]

turn your back for 30 seconds…

She’s a fast one! I did a few dishes, turned around to check on the girls, and there was Panda Bear, helping herself to a powdered formula snack. ~~Grandma :-}

fresh and clean

Bath, bottle, bed…in that order. And aren’t they sweet? ~~Rhonda 🙂


Niko feels right at home and wanders all over the house. This morning he found the window between the dining room and the kitchen. He sat there for a while watching us as we worked in the kitchen. He likes to be petted and he likes to groom you back by licking any patch of […]