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there’s a kitty in the sink

Niko prefers running water to the water dish. We bought a kitty fountain for him and all the cats love it. He hasn’t asked for water from the sink for a long time. I guess he thought it was a nice change of pace. ~~Rhonda 🙂

home again, home again

I’ve been gone for two weeks. We went to Florida for vacation, then up the east coast to visit our son’s family. I stayed there for a few extra days to babysit the grands while DH and DD came on home. I flew home yesterday. I loved having some time with the twins and their […]


A quick kitty post, then I’m off to bed… Niko enjoys a head scratch. Some days he seeks more attention than others. He likes to be around us all the time, watching what we’re doing, but he isn’t real cuddly most of the time. Note the cat fountain in the background (never thought I’d own […]


Last year, my sister Paula gave me two large deer, as well as two tall slim artificial trees. The trees will be used on the front porch. The deer have found a home in front of the fireplace. Niko and Buttercup were both very interested and immediately checked them out. Genny and I decided the […]


Niko feels right at home and wanders all over the house. This morning he found the window between the dining room and the kitchen. He sat there for a while watching us as we worked in the kitchen. He likes to be petted and he likes to groom you back by licking any patch of […]

niko has a new friend

We have had Niko for two weeks and he has been settling in well, though, until this morning, he hadn’t allowed any of the other cats to enter what he considers his space…DD#2’s bedroom and bath. But this morning, Zak sauntered in. Zak ate from Niko’s bowl, while Niko watched and they were on Niko’s […]


I’m listening to lots of hammering as the new floor goes down. It feels great to just sit back and wait before I have to do anything else in the addition. I thought I’d post a few more pictures of our new kitty, Niko. He is still staying mainly in DD#2’s room/bath (by his own […]

I think he likes it…

Niko came downstairs late last night to check out the paint colors for the laundry room. He’s very curious! So far, he hasn’t picked up any new fur colors. ~~Rhonda ::still painting::

not quite friends…yet

Yesterday and today, we left the doors open for Niko and let him come and go as he pleased. While I worked in the scrapbook room last night, Niko stayed nearby. He seems to like to be around people. He was interested in the printer when I ran off the bulletin inserts. The printer always […]

niko explores

Yesterday and today, we put Buttercup in the basement for a while, and let Niko roam around the house. He was happy to be out of the bedroom. In the kitchen, he stood at the back door and watched the outdoor cats. He thought DD’s school book bag was full of interesting smells. This evening […]