going to see great-grandma

DD took the girls for a ride in the wagon. They went to the nursing home to see Great-grandma. The twins *loved* riding in the wagon. We’ll have to go out again this afternoon. It’s a beautiful day and I’d like to get some fall pictures. I’ve spent the past four days in the kitchen. Thought we’d have the girls in the library, office, and kitchen with the rest of the house closed off. What was I thinking?? I can hardly keep up with both of them in ONE room!

Anyhoo…the wagon ride was a hit! Thanks, Laurie, for the loan of the wagon!!

wagon ride


I sat on the back steps in the sunshine as I waited from them to come back. I could hear them squealing and laughing from the parking lot next door.

late afternoon shadows

~~Rhonda 🙂

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