Daily Archives: October 7, 2008

before and after…or after and before…

Here’s the new view of the house from the mailbox. This picture was taken from very near the same vantage point, in May of 2005. With the two pine trees and the oak tree from the center of the driveway gone, the house can now be seen from the road. Sure looks odd without those […]

bye-bye, pine trees!

It was rainy and a bit chilly this AM, but Paul and his crew were here before 8:00 to take down three trees for us. In the center of the driveway, they removed the oak on the left and the pine tree on the right. They also removed the large pine by the front porch. […]


Last Friday I decided to veer off the menu and I made pizza for supper. I made the recipe for the 40 minutes buns, and used half to make a pizza crust and half to make six rolls. It made a delicious thick crust. Half cheese for DD and half veggies for DH and me. […]