autumn colors

I took a little stroll around the yard yesterday, in the late afternoon. I’d been painting chairs and needed to get outside and away from renovating for a while. I hate missing the perfect weather we’ve been having, so out I went. Here are a few pictures from the yard.

Can dogwood leaves look any more glorious?

autumn dogwood


Flowers for next spring.


Virginia Creeper is supposed to turn a lovely red in the fall, but ours never has. Still beautiful, even if it’s not red.

Virginia Creeper

There are a lot of volunteer mimosa trees along the edge of the woods.


Here’s a shot I wasn’t looking for. A fly sunning on the other side of the mimosa leaf.

a fly went by

Stunning sumac. How brilliant is that?


My hickory tree…dug it up in the woods at Old Salem Cemetery years ago.

hickory leaves

The pin oaks are going to be pretty this year.

pin oak

In the fenced garden, the sedum is beginning to recede. We can see Baby Bunny again. He was completely covered not so long ago.

end of the season

The lavender is putting on a flush of blooms. I planted it next to the bench in the fenced garden. Love to smell it while I sit there.


Iris ‘Baby Blessed’ is a good rebloomer. A mini iris, it’s about 12″ tall, with a smallish flower. Smells like spring time.

Iris 'Baby Blessed'

The sky was so very blue yesterday.

blue, blue sky

We miss so much when we stay indoors… ~~Rhonda

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    old salem in nc?

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