not quite friends…yet

Yesterday and today, we left the doors open for Niko and let him come and go as he pleased. While I worked in the scrapbook room last night, Niko stayed nearby. He seems to like to be around people. He was interested in the printer when I ran off the bulletin inserts. The printer always draws any nearby kitties when it begins making noises. They can’t seem to help it…they just have to investigate.

magnetic printer

Yesterday, Buttercup spent time in the basement, but today, she was upstairs while Niko was free to roam. Most of the day, Niko stayed upstairs and Buttercup stayed downstairs. This evening, after supper, DD brought Niko downstairs. Buttercup sat on the kitchen stool and watched as Niko explored the things on the floor under the kitchen table. He didn’t realize at first that Buttercup was there.

checking out the new kitty

Buttercup never moved, but she didn’t take her eyes off Niko.


Once Niko realized Buttercup was nearby, he sat under the chair and waited to see what would happen. After about 15 minutes he decided to go back upstairs. No hissing or growling…just a lot of watchful waiting.

it's safe under here...

I think they’re doing fine. There haven’t been any kind of kitty confrontations. It’s just a matter of time. They’ll be playing and snoozing together before you know it.

~~Rhonda 🙂

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