Monthly Archives: December 2007

Christmas House Tour ~ the downstairs

Our Second Empire brick home was built in 1867. We bought the house in 1994 and moved in, after extensive restoration and while still renovating, in 1996. We love celebrating Christmas in this lovely old home. DH decks the porches with evergreen roping and white lights. He also strings many of the redbud trees in […]

Christmas House Tour ~ the upstairs

Standing at the top of the twenty-two steps, looking down toward the front door, you have a beautiful view of the staircase and railing. Original to the home, the staircase and railing are made of walnut. A small secretary at the top of the stairs was a birthday gift from DH nine or ten years […]

DH’s birthday

We celebrated DH’s birthday this week. All of 53. I made his favorite…red cake. Five candles on the left, and three on the right, as you look at it from this end of the table. Keeps the blaze down to a manageable level. 😉 Gifts included leather garden gloves, a short shovel for digging in […]

mission team

Our church is sending a mission team to New Orleans in January to work on homes hit by Hurricane Katrina. The team will be putting in insulation and sheet rock in one home and gutting another as we have time. I am serving as a cook along with another team member, being a better cook […]

Christmas…come and gone

Christmas morning is done, the Story read, the presents opened, the gift wrap scattered across the floor, the family happy and satisfied…and I…I’m a little sad. Happens every year, sometime after the morning’s festivities. Everyone is enjoying their gifts, watching new DVDs, playing new games, working a puzzle, or eating another treat. But, basically, it’s […]

gift bags

I like to reuse Christmas cards for lots of things. They make great gift tags, can be cut into Christmas postcards, and make beautiful little gift boxes…not to mention the pretty ornaments that can be made from them. We’ll look into these uses in later posts. Today I want to show you how easily an […]

Holiday Petits Fours

A rich, three layer, almond treat! This little bite of cake is one DD#2’s favorite Christmas goodies. There are five pieces on this tray. Can you find them? Don’t let this recipe throw you off. They are actually easy to make, beautiful to look at, and delicious! Holiday Petits Fours 1 can (8 oz.) almond […]

dinner party, punch recipe

Last evening’s dinner party was wonderful. The menu included: crackers and cheese spread (I left out the chicken.) pear/walnut salad roast beef (Delicious! Got rave reviews.) boiled red potatoes carrots and parsnips stir-fried sugar snap peas with cherry tomatoes almond cake for dessert Three of the guests came at 7:00, and the others about 7:30, […]

shopping day

I spent the day shopping. Hope that’s the last of it! DH was swamped at work (even though it is his “day off”), so I went by myself. Got a lot done and could pick up a few things for DH that will be a surprise, which is always nice. I do need to top […]

Candy Jumble

Several people who saw a picture of this candy on my flickr site asked if I would share the recipe. I am always happy to share, so here you are. 🙂 The ingredients list is short and it is very easy to make. Candy Jumble 24 oz. pkg. vanilla almond bark 2 c. mini marshmallows, […]