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house tour

It was quite a whirlwind getting ready for our annual open house last weekend, then the public house tour this weekend. My sister Genny was a tremendous help, coming six weekends in a row to lend a helping hand. Thank you, Genny! Thanks goes, too, to all our church family members who helped in so […]

guest room

This evening brought the first wave of house tour guests. We’ll do it again tomorrow afternoon. I’ll have pictures then of the tour. It was a lot of fun to watch people come in the front door and get their first look at the living room tree. Lots of ooos and aaahs. 🙂 While the […]

Christmas House Tour ~ the upstairs

Standing at the top of the twenty-two steps, looking down toward the front door, you have a beautiful view of the staircase and railing. Original to the home, the staircase and railing are made of walnut. A small secretary at the top of the stairs was a birthday gift from DH nine or ten years […]