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birthday girl

Twelve years and a day. Our son and daughter-in-law came to help celebrate. We played Apples to Apples and a few rounds of Scattergories while we waited for supper to be done. DD asked for Cheesy Potato Sausage soup for her birthday meal. I also made bread and some pepperoni and cheese rolls for DS […]

birthday cupcakes

DD is celebrating a birthday this weekend. That means cupcakes for the classroom. Like me, she prefers white cake over chocolate. I decided to add some sprinkles to the batter to give the cupcakes a bit of fun color. Ummm…maybe a tablespoon? I didn’t measure. Don’t add the sprinkles until the batter is completely mixed. […]

happy birthday, grandpa!

Gary and Laurie gave DH a balloon bouquet for his birthday. Or were they really for the twins?? I wish you could have seen the twins’ faces when he walked in with them! Much laughing and squealing with delight! After they had them for a few minutes, they found out they could run with the […]

happy birthday to you!

Today is DS#2’s 28th birthday. Here he is at Easter in 1984. He was a very cute little boy with a big personality. Not sure why we were having S’mores inside the house, in our good clothes, at Easter time…?? Here he is with his lovely wife during a visit to the Botanical Gardens last […]

dd’s birthday weekend

It was quite a weekend for DD. She turned eleven on Friday at 8:01 a.m. 🙂 Off to school with cupcakes, then after school prep for her birthday party sleepover. We rearranged the library furniture, set out all the snacks, and rented a few movies. At suppertime, DD opened the box that came in the […]

birthday cupcakes

Today is DD’s eleventh birthday. We began by making cupcakes this morning before she left for school. She wants ice cream cone cupcakes for the sleepover with her friends this evening. I made cake batter using the directions on a white cake box mix, divided the batter into three parts, and colored the batter green, […]

happy birthday, my sweet

Today is DH’s birthday. I made his favorite…red cake. Used the leftover snowflakes from Monday night’s dessert to decorate the cake. DD put five candles on one side and four on the other to mark DH’s 54th birthday. “You HAVE to have candles!” Well, of coure you do! I used a butter cream frosting instead […]

a year old!

The twins went home on Monday, but before they left, we had an early birthday celebration. Panda didn’t seem to care for that first bite of almond flavored frosting, but she got into it. Tabby, not so much. Now they are a year old! 🙂 ~~Grandma

birthday girl

Not sure how she got to be ten whole years old, but facts are facts. The day started with special pancakes. DH takes requests. 🙂 DD had a full day. After school DH took her to Dairy Queen for a treat while I finished decorating the cake. I met them at school, took DD to […]

DH’s birthday

We celebrated DH’s birthday this week. All of 53. I made his favorite…red cake. Five candles on the left, and three on the right, as you look at it from this end of the table. Keeps the blaze down to a manageable level. 😉 Gifts included leather garden gloves, a short shovel for digging in […]