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happy birthday!!

They’re five! We had cake and ice cream this evening for the twins. Lots of fun! They practically squealed when they saw the pile of presents. Snow White’s favorite presents? Dora’s friend Boots the monkey and her blue feather boa! Rose Red and Snow White…happy birthday girls. ~~Ma

happy, happy birthday, great-ma!

Today is DH’s mother’s 95th birthday! Happy, happy birthday! Our older son and his family went along to help celebrate. And everyone enjoyed brownies and ice cream! The twins couldn’t wait to see the candle lit. We are very blessed to have Beulah / Mom / Grandma / Great-Ma with us. A sweet and lovely […]

birthday girls

Our son and his family came over for supper this evening. We celebrated the twins fourth birthday. I was frosting the cakes when they walked in. Excitement reigned! But they were adamant! NO flowers on the cakes! I was lucky to get them to relent to my using any other color but their favorites…blue and […]

chocolate chip pumpkin cheesecake and a birthday

Our daughter-in-law celebrated a birthday this week and asked for a chocolate chip pumpkin cheesecake for her birthday cake. I used the Hershey’s recipe. The recipe calls for a chocolate crust, but I used a graham cracker crust instead. DDIL thought the chocolate crust might have overpowered the pumpkin flavor. I think she’s right. The […]

birthday girl

Twelve years and a day. Our son and daughter-in-law came to help celebrate. We played Apples to Apples and a few rounds of Scattergories while we waited for supper to be done. DD asked for Cheesy Potato Sausage soup for her birthday meal. I also made bread and some pepperoni and cheese rolls for DS […]

birthday cupcakes

DD is celebrating a birthday this weekend. That means cupcakes for the classroom. Like me, she prefers white cake over chocolate. I decided to add some sprinkles to the batter to give the cupcakes a bit of fun color. Ummm…maybe a tablespoon? I didn’t measure. Don’t add the sprinkles until the batter is completely mixed. […]

happy birthday, grandpa!

Gary and Laurie gave DH a balloon bouquet for his birthday. Or were they really for the twins?? I wish you could have seen the twins’ faces when he walked in with them! Much laughing and squealing with delight! After they had them for a few minutes, they found out they could run with the […]

happy birthday to you!

Today is DS#2’s 28th birthday. Here he is at Easter in 1984. He was a very cute little boy with a big personality. Not sure why we were having S’mores inside the house, in our good clothes, at Easter time…?? Here he is with his lovely wife during a visit to the Botanical Gardens last […]

birthday bears

Last night, DH spent a little time with a new slide scanner. He scanned several and one of them was this picture of our older son’s 6th birthday in 1985. I used the same pan (and a cat cake pan that is just as old) for his twins’ first birthday last year. DD#3 wanted it […]

dd’s birthday weekend

It was quite a weekend for DD. She turned eleven on Friday at 8:01 a.m. 🙂 Off to school with cupcakes, then after school prep for her birthday party sleepover. We rearranged the library furniture, set out all the snacks, and rented a few movies. At suppertime, DD opened the box that came in the […]