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thanks, hgtv!

We’ve redecorated the addition which includes the guest room, and I knew the Christmas tree had to be something other than the Victorian themed tree we’ve had in the past. The new decor is cottage / country. I found a pink tree for DD#3’s room on Ebay, so decided to use her old tree for […]

front door snow

We’ve been very busy here! Getting a lot done, though it always seems there is more to do. Got a long list of “to dos” to go! Today Genny made several runs to Wal-Mart, she decorated the mailbox, we decorated the guest room tree, and this evening, Genny and I made snowflakes for the front […]

tree skirt for the living room tree

The living room ceiling is 12′ tall. The Christmas tree sits on a 2′ tall wooden box to raise the 9′ foot tree to 11′. I had a large piece of fabric that I had draped over the box in years past. This year, I cut it to fit the box and used velcro to […]

saturday a.m.

I am working on the glass tree this morning, stringing new LED white lights on it. It’s a new tree and it is taking some effort to get the lights on in a way I like. This tree is hinged so the lights can stay on it while it’s in storage, which will be nice. […]

other things and sour cream sugar cookie dough

A quick post here…I’ve been pretty busy. This morning I painted the two closet doors for the hall in the addition. DH will have to turn them over this evening and I’ll give the other sides final coats in the morning. When he gets home from work tomorrow evening, he can install them. Yeah! It […]

it’s snowing in the kitchen!

Sunday afternoon, DH found time to hang the snowflakes in the kitchen. It’s hard to get a picture that does justice to the kitchen ceiling after they are all up, but here are a couple of DH at work. The ceiling is 12′ high, so the snowflakes hang on mirrored garlands of different lengths, the […]


Last year, my sister Paula gave me two large deer, as well as two tall slim artificial trees. The trees will be used on the front porch. The deer have found a home in front of the fireplace. Niko and Buttercup were both very interested and immediately checked them out. Genny and I decided the […]

setting up the snow tree

The dining room has a snow theme. The snow tree is a slim 6.5′ tree and sits on an old round oak table in a corner of the room. This year, I put new lights on the tree. When we took the old lights off, I could tell they had been on a long time […]

decorating the kitchen

My sister Genny and DD did a lot of the decorating in the kitchen this past weekend while I worked on other things. Brooke had helped me on Friday and we put up new garlands as the old ones were shedding terribly. I made each one long enough to fit each window so they will […]

stringing popcorn and cranberries

Saturday morning, my sister and I took about four hours to string popcorn and six bags of cranberries for the living tree. DD helped for a little while, too. This is not quite half the strings we need for a 9′ tree. The 9′ tree sits on a 2′ box, making the top 11′. I […]