tree skirt for the living room tree

The living room ceiling is 12′ tall. The Christmas tree sits on a 2′ tall wooden box to raise the 9′ foot tree to 11′. I had a large piece of fabric that I had draped over the box in years past. This year, I cut it to fit the box and used velcro to attach it.

I began by cutting a strip of fabric long enough to go around all four sides of the box. I used self-sticking velcro to attach the fabric. One side of the velcro was adhered to the box and the other side to the top of the long strip of fabric.

tree skirt

Once that was done, I cut a square of fabric to fit over the top of the box like a table cloth, making a hole and a slit in the back to fit over the tree stand.

wrong side of tree skirt

Velcro was again used to close the seam. One piece of Velcro was placed on the front of the fabric and one piece on the wrong side (the back).

velcro seam

The tree skirt now looks finished and is much easier to place under the tree. And it stays in place! DD#2 will be glad to know that. It was always her job to crawl under there and try to clothespin the whole thing together. 🙂

covers the box beautifully


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