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almond bark snowflakes

The snowflake cake turned out beautifully. I initially tried white chocolate for the snowflakes, but it had a yellow tint to it, so I decided to use almond bark instead. Much whiter. I liked the way it looked. I googled < snowflake clip art > and copied the ones I liked into Print Shop, where […]

front door snow

We’ve been very busy here! Getting a lot done, though it always seems there is more to do. Got a long list of “to dos” to go! Today Genny made several runs to Wal-Mart, she decorated the mailbox, we decorated the guest room tree, and this evening, Genny and I made snowflakes for the front […]

decorating the kitchen

My sister Genny and DD did a lot of the decorating in the kitchen this past weekend while I worked on other things. Brooke had helped me on Friday and we put up new garlands as the old ones were shedding terribly. I made each one long enough to fit each window so they will […]

kitchen snowflakes

The kitchen is decorated with snowflakes and icicles. This collection continues to grow. Each year new ones are added and older plastic snowflakes are removed. We have four south facing windows and two east facing windows, all topped with a garland that is lit with blue and white lights. The snowflake ornaments hang from the […]