other things and sour cream sugar cookie dough

A quick post here…I’ve been pretty busy. This morning I painted the two closet doors for the hall in the addition. DH will have to turn them over this evening and I’ll give the other sides final coats in the morning. When he gets home from work tomorrow evening, he can install them. Yeah! It will be good to have the closet doors operational again!

I began painting the old book case. I plan to paint the inside with the same yellow we used in the hall and will paint the outside white. Today I began with a coat of Kilz to seal the wood.

I replaced some lights on the Victorian tree. Wanted to get to the glass tree, but didn’t have time.

I ordered fabric for the curtains in the guest room. Laurie calculated all the yardage for me. Thank you, Laurie! I had to order from three different sites to get all the different patterns I wanted, but they should be winging their way here before long.

I made the Sour Cream Sugar Cookie dough. Double batch. That’s a big load for a mixer but my trusty Kitchaid can handle it easily.

sour cream sugar cookie dough

This is a very tender dough and needs to chill in the fridge before it can be rolled and cut. Since I made such a large batch, I’ll leave it in the fridge at least 24 hours so it is completely chilled. I covered it with plastic wrap, pushing all the air out. It may be several days before I get around to baking the cookies, but the dough will be fine.

sour cream sugar cookie dough

Tomorrow, I hope to put the lights on the “glass tree.” The tree I had used for years was finally too worn out to use again. It took a long time to find a tree I thought would work well for the glass ornament collection. The tree has to have plenty of free space among the branches to display the ornaments. I finally ordered one and it looks like it’s going to be a good choice. Genny and I began “fluffing” it last weekend, Genny finished it while I took DD to music lessons, and now it is ready for lights.

I’ll take more pictures tomorrow. 🙂 ~~Rhonda

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