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menu plan monday ~ October 31, 2011

We’ve had a fun week of playing with the grands. It’s always wonderful to have the three girls here. Photo by DD#3 But, Sunday afternoon, our son and his family gathered up their belongings and moved into the farm house. We kept the twins for the afternoon and took them home in the early evening. […]


This one has been stating all week, “I don’t want to go back to my house! I want to stay at Pa’s!!” Several times a day. Any time she thinks about it. Interjects it into unrelated conversations. Just wants us to know… This afternoon we’ll see how that goes when she, et al, move into […]

autumn is waning

I was able to get out in the yard for a while this afternoon. Really enjoyed the autumn sunshine and the beautiful foliage colors. The leaves are turning quickly this week. The bright yellow gold of the hickory tree was beautiful against the blue sky. DH raked enough leaves to pad the wagon and we […]

grands around the house

Pa makes fun pancakes (in any shape you want and with chocolate chips added, if you like) and the twins are always eager to help! These grapes were particularly good. The girls finished them off in record time. Sometimes the TV is a nice babysitter. A snack of Pa’s good homemade rolls and a nice […]

twin1 and twin2

The weather has been beautiful and the twins had a great time playing outside yesterday and today. Yesterday they walked in our tiny woods with Aunt E. Twin2 was a little nervous. “Look out for monsters!” she said. Aunt E asked if there were monsters and she said emphatically, “No!” After a while, she announced, […]

menu plan monday ~ october 24, 2011

It’s high noon in the process of our son and his family moving from North Carolina to our area. Our son and daughter-in-law are packing the moving truck as we speak and should be rolling in tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning. DH flew to NC Saturday evening and drove the girls back yesterday. A fourteen […]

chocolate chip pumpkin cheesecake and a birthday

Our daughter-in-law celebrated a birthday this week and asked for a chocolate chip pumpkin cheesecake for her birthday cake. I used the Hershey’s recipe. The recipe calls for a chocolate crust, but I used a graham cracker crust instead. DDIL thought the chocolate crust might have overpowered the pumpkin flavor. I think she’s right. The […]

menu plan monday ~ october 17, 2011

I tried a new biscotti recipe this week. This Cinnamon Biscotti with Pistachios was a big hit at the ladies’ luncheon I hosted today. The recipe calls for cinnamon baking chips. I’ve never seen those, so used 3/4 c. milk chocolate Ghirardelli chips and 1/4 c. Nestle semi-sweet mini chocolate chips. And instead of cloves, […]

easy Christmas tags

I made a stack of Christmas tags this afternoon, using a large tag punch and some old Christmas cards. Choose cards that are light colored so they are easy to read. Cards with a slick finish are shiny and pretty, but don’t work well with ink pens and some felt markers. Cards may need trimming […]

recanning apple butter

Our church family makes apple butter each fall. The canned apple butter is sold to raise money for mission projects. DH brought home four quart jars, like this one. I decided to recan it in 8-oz. jelly jars. A better size for us. The only issue with recanning is to be sure the apple butter […]