twin1 and twin2

The weather has been beautiful and the twins had a great time playing outside yesterday and today. Yesterday they walked in our tiny woods with Aunt E. Twin2 was a little nervous. “Look out for monsters!” she said. Aunt E asked if there were monsters and she said emphatically, “No!” After a while, she announced, “We’re lost! I can’t see Pa’s house!” I guess our big yard seems even bigger to the littles.

playground time
Photo by DD#3.

running through the leaves
Photo by DD#3.

queen of the big rock
Photo by DD#3.

twin 2
Photo by DD#3.

Indoor play is fun, too. Twin1 likes the little brown chair I used as a child. She sits in it at every meal and plays with it between!

happy girl

Twin2 has the bread dough under control. She thought punching it down was more fun than forming the rolls.

making rolls with Ma

I did a little reconstruction on some of the rolls before they went into the oven, but most of them baked “as is.”

making rolls with Ma

The teddy roll was too hot to eat…so she blew and blew and blew…

teddy's too hot!

They were very good about sharing the teddy roll. No complaints and lots of “I’m sharing!” was announced.

sharing the teddy roll

Their parents are due tomorrow evening with the moving truck. Twin2 keeps stating, “I don’t want to go back to my house. I want to stay at Pa’s house!” We’ll see how she feels about it after reuniting with her Mama after six weeks of being apart!

~~Rhonda / ~~Ma

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  1. mellanie portz
    Posted November 28, 2011 at 3:16 pm | Permalink

    We recieved your lovely Christmas card and invitation this last week and I am looking forward to Sunday!

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